Battleground tips, how to start farm honor? Classic BGs Warsong Gulch , Arathi Basin.

  • Battlegrounds are instanced areas used for player versus player combat. Each classic battleground (Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley) has two red instance entrance portals: one for the Alliance, and one for the Horde. Crossing these portals was originally one of the ways to enter the queue for their respective battlegrounds. Now, to enter the queue for any battleground, the player must seek out a Battlemaster, which can be found at the portal or in any capital city, or do so through the Player vs. Player tab. Once inside the instance, the two teams will engage in large-scale PvP, with various objectives determining the winner. Players will earn honor points making PvP rewards available. Here you can farm your honor and buy prizes for it!
Let's check what BG we have right now !

Warsong Gulch

Warsong Gulch is a battleground nestled in the southern region of Ashenvale forest. It is located near the area where Grom Hellscream and his Orcs chopped away huge swaths of forest during the events of the Third War. Despite disagreements from Thrall and the shamans, some orcs have remained in the vicinity, continuing their deforestation to fuel the Horde's expansion. They call themselves the Warsong Outriders. - from WoWWiki


There are at least four different strategies commonly used in Warsong Gulch; Split into O and D, Mid Control, All Escort the FC, and Zerging. The final is most common in PUGS and least likely to produce a victory while any of the first three can be made to work depending on the composition of the given team.
Split into Offense and Defense. As simple as it sounds: part of the team protects your flag while another part goes to get the enemy flag. In the case that the enemy gets your flag D will try to chase the enemy flag carrier down and retrieve it while O may or may not assist depending on the tactics. It is very important that O sticks together to make this strategy work. Generally, all stealthers (rogues, druids) go to the enemy base, while the rest of the team stays back to stop any intruders.
Middle Control. The team attempts to establish control of the middle of the field by sending most, if not all, of the team there and attacking the enemy as they can. The goal is to prevent any enemy from reaching your fort, or to prevent any enemy flag carriers from returning to their fort. While the middle is held, class appropriate flag carriers are sent into the enemy fort to get their flag.
All Escort the Flag Carrier. Everyone stays in a group, charges across the field, and takes the enemy's flag. Everyone escorts the FC back to a safe spot and then some protect your FC while others go look for the enemy FC as they will almost certainly have taken your flag by now as well.
Zerging. This strategy involves most of the team charging the enemy flag in a random way and largely as individuals or groups of two. Against any of the organized strats zerging is unlikely to produce a victory, however, it is the strat most commonly used by PUGS as it requires no communication or planning at all.

The key to victory is communication with the other players in your faction. Take the time before the game starts to agree on what strat you will be using but be prepared to change if you need to as events develop. By communicating, your teammates will have the edge and be able to anticipate your enemies' position and movements. It is useful to know, for example, if the opposing faction has characters camped at your graveyard. When allocating parties within a raid group, attention should be focused on not only the classes and abilities of the players involved, but also their levels. For example, it is foolish to send in some level 22 characters when you know that the enemy flag is guarded by multiple level 29s. It is important to keep in mind abilities that can root or snare a player, as well as speed enhancements, and the ability to successfully get away from a group. As in any PvP situation, the key ability to develop with your character is the ability to adapt.

You are much more powerful in Battlegrounds when you are at the higher levels of your bracket. If you're playing in a 20–29 Battleground you will be more effective in direct combat as a level 29 than a level 25-28 because you will be much stronger, have more powerful spells, and stronger, higher leveled weapons with more DPS. You will also notice the other faction attacks you depending on your level because a level 29 will know a player two or more levels below them is an easy fast kill and takes only a few hits.

Remember, Totems are a lifesaver! When you are on your way to capturing the flag, lay a couple of totems, this will make a powerful escape route for you and your allies.

Team Buffs are essential for flag capturing! Aspect of the Pack can speed up your team as they protect the flag, also Blood Pact is great for EVERY ally. Defending, Healing or Attacking.

Hunters, lay a Freezing Trap just on the flag. If an enemy captures it, they'll be "sticking around" for a while. Also, lay another damaging trap above to add insult to injury.

NEVER LEAVE THE FLAG CARRIER ALONE. Have at least one person with him/her at all times.

Communicate effectively and efficiently. Don't spam the battleground chat with things not necessary to PvP.

There are three types of power-ups found in Warsong Gulch. To use them, simply walk up to one. They will respawn after a short period of time.
Berserking - Increases all damage caused by 30%, all damage taken by 10% and increases your size by 10%. Lasts 1 min.
Restoration - Restores 10% of your health and mana every second for 10 seconds. Attacking or being attacked will cancel the effect.
Speed - Increases movement speed by 100% for 10 seconds.

Honor Rewards 

The game awards bonus honor to everyone on your side of the match for reaching certain goals. Those goals are:
capturing the opponent's flag rewards 41 honor at level 70 (40 honor at level 60).
winning the match rewards 20 honor at level 70 (20 honor at level 60).

Honor for lower level matches scales down from the amounts given. Other scored events do not grant bonus honor. These include: killing blows, picking up the opponent's flag, and returning your flag to your base. Honor is awarded for honorable kills as normal.

Winning a complete match (3 captures and the win bonus) gives you 140 honor (at level 60). It also awards you 3 marks of honor. These marks are used to purchase certain items under the new honor system, although as of patch 3.3.3, you no can no longer obtain marks of honor.

Losing a complete match (0 captures and a loss) gives you no bonus honor. The only honor you will accumulate will come from honorable kills. You will receive 1 mark of honor at the end of a loss, so you can still collect some for honor purchases. However, a careless attitude about losing a match is generally frowned on, and considering that a winning match grants three marks and the substantial honor bonus, winning matches allows for accumulating honor points and marks much more rapidly.

During the Warsong Gulch Battlegrounds Holiday, you will earn an increased reputation bonus for each flag captured on your team. The winning team will earn an additional 121 bonus honor (at level 60) for completing the match, in addition to the usual 20 bonus. The losing team will earn 60 bonus honor at the end of the match. Thus a 3–0 match will award a total of 266 bonus honor to the winners, and 60 honor to the losers during the holiday. 
- from WoWWiki

From me , WSG is fastes and nicest  BG. I really like it. Look at this vid to see what's going on!

 Arathi Basin
Located in Arathi Highlands, Arathi Basin is a fast and exciting battleground. The Basin itself is rich with resources and coveted by both the Horde and the Alliance. The Forsaken Defilers and the League of Arathor have arrived at Arathi Basin to wage war over these natural resources and claim them on behalf of their respective sides. It is similar to "King of the Hill" or "Conquest" modes in other games.

Overview Edit

The goal is to control locations on the map ("Resource Nodes"). While a node is controlled, it generates resources for your side, and the first side to gain 1,600 resources wins the contest. Prior to Patch 3.2, 2,000 resources were required for victory.
Basic Rules Each side has up to 15 players.
There are five Resource Nodes on the map: the Farm, the Stables (ST or sometimes called SB), the Blacksmith (BS), the Lumber Mill (LM), and the Gold Mine (GM).
A node only earns resources when it is captured (see below). With the exception of possible strategic value, there is no difference between the nodes.
The rate of resource accumulation increases non-linearly as more nodes are captured. That is, if a side owns 2 nodes, it will not accumulate resources 2x as fast as when it only has 1 node. See the Strategy section below for more info.
Arathi Basin is banded by level, just like Warsong Gulch. The minimum level to join is 10, and different instances will spawn in brackets covering 5 levels each.

Honor reward.

The game awards bonus honor to everyone on your side of the match for reaching certain goals. Those goals are: 
Collecting multiples of 260 resources (at 260, 520, 780, ...), rewards 20 honor each (at level 60).
Winning the match rewards 20 honor (at level 60).

Honor for lower level matches scales down from the amounts given. Other scored events are not granted honor. These include: killing blows, assaulting a node, capturing a node, and defending a node. Honor is awarded for honorable kills as normal.

Winning a complete match (1600 resources and the win bonus) gives 140 honor (at level 60). It also awards 3 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor.

Losing a match gives you less bonus honor depending on how many resources your side managed to collect before the loss. You will still accumulate some honor from honorable kills. You will receive 1 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor at the end of a loss.

On the Battlegrounds Holiday weekend for Arathi Basin, the bonus honor goals are:
Collecting multiples of 160 resources (at 160, 320, 480, ...), rewards 20 honor each (at level 60).
Winning the match still rewards 20 honor (at level 60). -from WoWWiki

Little movie from AB!



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