Start pvp, honor farming , conquest points farming!

Hai! So you wan't start pvping yep ?
You need character to do that!

  • Have character ?

nope , make one read previous guides.

  • Yes! Is it 85 lvl ?
nope , gain lvl 85 ? Don't know how to ? By questing , grinding , pvping - hard ? I ' ll post later some guides aobut that !

  •  Yes , so next step is gearing a bit. People with only green items are easy targets so you need some gears!
oke how to gain gears ? It's several ways to do that :
  1. Reputation farming then buying gear from reputation vendors.
  2. Questing.
  3. Make dungeons / raids.
  4. Buy in AH.
  5. Proffesions.
  6. Buy from other players.
                           Note : PVE gear is not best for PVP but in start it's needed!!!
  • Ok you have gears , I know they aren't best but you can kill someone with it.
okey, but you wrote aout proffesions. Witch one I should take to bost my PVP ?

  1. Enchanting + jewelcrafting  - really expensive !!
  2. Enchantig + tailoring - less expensive!
  3. Jewelcrafting + minning .
Okey , but witch one is best ? Imo all proffesions is good but I like most 1st one and last one.

  • Ok you have lvl 85 , gear , proffesions so it's time to start PVP.
First of all you need PVP skills! How to gain it ? What I should do to start PVP ? How to start PVP ?  What's honor , conquest points ? What is BG ? What BG we have ? About that I'll write later because now I have work to do. So check my blog later ! 


  1. Good to know. Awaiting your next Post

  2. youre making want to get back into that game.

  3. You seem to know quite a lot about WoW. Try working on your grammar a bit more, please. But the PvP tricks are quite valuable!

  4. I'll work on my gramma more. But writing about WoW Pvp is kinda hard for me , It's my 1st English blog. Thanx for you'r opinion I'll work harder.

  5. Interesting, I don't play wow right now but I'll have to try it some day!

  6. thanks for the guide, now time to grind

  7. haha i totally agree with Ghost of Swayze, now I want to start WoW again :(

  8. Thanks for the guide man, I definitely have a long way to go!

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